Dopo le esibizioni ai Video Music Awards e The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon con le due nuove attesissime uscite “Lifetime” con Ty Dolla $ign & 070Shake e “It Gets Better” (dopo 9 anni dall’ultima uscita discografica ufficiale), il super trio svedese Swedish House Mafia composto da Axwell, Steve Angello e Sebastian Ingrosso ha sganciato un’altra bomba nell’attesa della collaborazione con The Weeknd, con il quale condividono ora il nuovo manager Wassim Slaiby (Sal Xo).

Un’annuncio più rapido, questa volta meno estenuante ma comunque unico, come solo gli SHM sanno fare mettendo a volte a dura prova i nervi e la pazienza con tutte le ID e l’aspettativa attorno a questo team ormai leggendario.

In collaborazione con la multinazionale IKEA, fondata da Ingvar Kamprad e specializzata nella vendita di mobili, complementi d’arredo e altra oggettistica per la casa che nessuno non conosce, è stato presentato un progetto che porterà una collezione di nuovi prodotti dedicati alla creatività in casa in arrivo da Settembre 2022.
“The collection is created for anyone who values and supports creativity in the home, especially music creators … It is for everyone, everywhere, beginner or pro. It is for the ones with limited means, but unlimited creativity,” indicano gli SHM.

“We want to explore how IKEA together with Swedish House Mafia could make the everyday life easier for the many people listening to and creating music. This collection will enable people to create the perfect home studio for an affordable price,” comunica il Creative Leader di IKEA James Futcher.

IKEA è un grande brand con tante aziende che da tutto il mondo operano sotto il suo marchio, con circa 40€ miliardi di fatturato nel 2019 e oltre 160.000 dipendenti.
IKEA Range & Supply, che consiste nell’IKEA svedese di Älmhult e IKEA Supply AG in Pratteln, Svizzera, hanno la responsabilità di sviluppare, disegnare, produttore e rifornire i punti vendita in giro per il mondo. Ogni anno, IKEA Range & Supply introduce 2,000 nuovi prodotti.

100 abitazioni da 50 paesi, in streaming per 24 ore con showcase di artisti, chef, designer per celebrare “Life at Home” con i prodotti e la creatività di Ikea. Questo è stato l’ “Ikea Festival” avvenuto il 16 Settembre.

Cosa dobbiamo aspettarci da IKEAxSHM? Soundbar e speaker futuristici futuristici? Nuovi flight case? Oggetti per un home-studio o tappeti con i dots?


When we first began we really had to start from the beginning, from scratch. We used what we had at our disposal and even made our own bedroom hacks to make it easier for us to create. We’ve learned from our own experiences and want to give the up-and-coming creatives a way not to worry about the limitations in one’s home, and just fully focus on their passion and craft.

Today we still know the challenges and understand the importance of a decent home set up. Therefore, we strongly felt a need to collaborate with a producer who shares our vision in music production and making it possible for anyone to make music in their homes. We really believe that you should be able to combine good quality and design that is affordable and accessible – and IKEA checked all those boxes.

With both of us sharing a curiosity about creativity in the home, especially music creation, as well as making it accessible for everyone, it was a perfect match. The collection consists of products designed to make it easier and more welcoming to get into a creative flow in your own home. The design supports creating, playing, enjoying and even just setting the mood. In our own environment we really put a lot of effort into our surroundings, making sure that it is in tune with our own frequency and creative state of mind.

We took everything we wanted and added it altogether. The next step was to carefully remove anything unnecessary, leaving us with only the necessities in a minimalistic and practical form. The design in our collection features a timeless theme with a distinct trace of our DNA, which will make the products fit in any home whilst still standing out by themselves.

The collection is created for anyone who values and support creativity in the home, and especially music creators. We want to reach out to anyone who wants to incorporate more design in their home studios without being hindered by money or availability. It is for everyone, everywhere, beginner or pro. It is for the ones with limited means, but unlimited creativity.

September, 2022

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