The new promising EP by Dutch duo LOST GRAVITY is out today on Anjunadeep!

We take this opportunity to present Tinlicker through the most epic songs. 

Micha Heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven are two Dutch guys who have been active in the sector for over 10 years, since 2018 they have been gaining favor with critics and live and streaming audiences; hearing them and seeing them at work is a mystical journey that generates pure and ipnotic well-being like van Gogh painting.

In recent months, the Tinlicker have been relying on all their skill in the art of remixing, a feat that they manage with delicacy by handling historical pieces with respectful musical education, they relive refreshed by new rhythms and melodies without being overwhelmed by their known sound essence.

Today the Tinlicker are part of the “Anjuna-family“, the large and selected group of producers headed by the British label Anjunabeats created in 2000 by producers Jonathan “Jono” Grant and Paavo Siljamäki who together with Tony McGuinness make up the magical trio Trance Above & Beyond. For further information: in 2005, Above & Beyond opened the Anjunadeep sub-label (of which Tinlicker are almost standard bearers), the label releases singles that would not have been suited to the Trance style of the main label, while the other 2 below labels, Anjunadigital specializes in remixes and Hard On Recordings specializes in the Hard House genre. The name Anjuna refers to that of a beach in Goa, on the west coast of India, a popular destination for hippies in the sixties and seventies, still popular with many tourists today; it is automatic to say that the musical timbre and the shows of the Anjunafamily squadron convey the same relaxed and enveloping atmosphere of the beach, to the point that even real wedding proposals have often been staged among the public.

The blatant example of the above is precisely Anjunadeep’s live at the Open Air festival in Prague, on 13/10/2019, a distant date for the solar calendar but so close as it relates to one of the last pre-pandemic live events. During this performance the Tinlickers gave their best showing off a superfine set, totally autographed and personal in fact they played exclusively tracks from their repertoire in mash up with the remixes of which the duo is capable including Hide U.

We recommend the vision immersing oneself with the imagination in the consequent sensations: the console is strategically positioned alluding to a location between the bridges typical of cruise ships, the lights of the lanterns are low but never dark and the rhythm and the melody are mixed lulling the dancers for 90 minutes of non-stop travel, a continuous-mix made of never strident vocals with a view of the views of the jagged coasts of the Deep House and Melodic Techno. We also highly recommend to fans of music streaming and downloads the scroll of the updated tracklist of the set on 1001tracklist so as not to miss a single title of the magical tracks played!

Micha Heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven have also been scheduled by Deadmau5’s Mau5trap that follows them with esteem, in fact the boys are experiencing a moment fueled by their expansive, sophisticated and deeply hypnotic productions, listing 5 albums as visible on their Spotify channel.

The Tinlickers have a production studio nestled in the Dutch woods which they constantly renew, praise the policy of the Netherlands which entices and encourages talents by offering them the facilities and cultural programs suitable for training and success. Micha and Jordi like many other djs were dazzled by Daft Punk before starting their career and when asked to categorize their music they quote the most beautiful phrase that exists about “the best way to describe our sound is electronic music.”

The track Hide U is a supersonic track released for Armada, it`s the remix of a 2001 piece by the Drum & Bass Kosheen group, Tinlicker choose to highlight the reassuring voice of the singer of the original track (the Welsh Sian Evans) and without canceling the primary rhythm of the song by giving a deep sound composed from the sinth keyboard riff.

There is talk of remixers and remixes, the art most cleared by “bedroom producers” and main stage guest DJs, but remixing someone else’s track is equivalent to proposing the canvas of a famous painter to another brush artist giving him the task to give it new light without distorting the colors and reflections. The temptation of every artist will be to throw too much brushstroke or to use the favorite color going to cover some aspect of the original colors; at that point the work of art will not be improved but simply mortified because it will lose its identity by becoming something else, perhaps new in the eyes of some and probably unknown and indifferent in the eyes of many others.

In dance we have listened, we listen and we will listen too many times mortified tracks of their sound essence to the detriment of the style that distinguishes the DJ to whom they were commissioned, they are ends in themselves or to the coffers of the rights holders who often give away the royalties for marketing o vulgar business without even listening to the results or worse still, the opinion of the artists who composed them and brought them to their first success!

In recent months in Italy and beyond the border the rights of CHILDREN by ROBERT MILES have been again and arguably “commercialized”, allow us to recognize it as “Unesco heritage of electronic dance”: 25 years of infinite goosebumps that deserve a completely different treatment … we exaggerate, they would deserve the withdrawal of royalties such as the withdrawal of the 10 of Maradona in Naples or of the 27 in Ferrari F1. Well, it is right to conclude this piece on Tinlicker talking about their remix of Children as a manifest of their immense talent in handling this track.

The above official video is extracted from the 77th minute of the live in Prague, an excellent choice because it shows all the essence of this hit and the reactions it produces in those who listen to it and dance to it, a mixture of moved and ecstatic emotions. Micha Heyboer and Jordi van Achthoven made the Tinlickers that humble and culturally educated painter who took the brushes of his trade (musical programmers of “sinth, cut and sew”) only to give new light to the reflections of this epic track without touching or let alone dent the melody and piano masterpiece that Robert Miles had “painted” in 1996, they have dusted it off and put it back on display, as we are sure they will do with many other tracks, starting with the next live stream on May 29th:

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