Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the life and legacy of legendary Swedish DJ, producer and songwriter AVICII (real name: Tim Bergling) on what would have been his 32nd birthday. One of the pioneers and most influential visionaries of electronic dance music. The video doodle is set to one of his most iconic tracks “Wake Me Up” with Aloe Blacc and it’s illustrated by Doodler Alyssa Winans.

On September 8th 1989, Tim Bergling was born in Stockholm, Sweden, ready to collect multi-genre musical experiences from 60s soul to 80s glam-rock. By 16, he was mixing tunes in his bedroom, and in 2011 he released the dance anthem ‘Levels’ under the name “Avicii” after “Seek Bromance” as Tim Berg, breaking ground as one of the first electronic music tracks to climb the Pop charts with 220 sets globally from 2011 to 2016.

On April 20th 2018, after the retire from touring in 2016 due to health problems, having suffered from stress and poor mental health for several years, Tim Bergling passed away at 28-years-old from suicide in Muscat (Oman) and later his parents started the Tim Bergling Foundation foundation in his memory to raise awareness and address the stigma of mental health among young people via projects and activities like “Tribute Concert in Stockholm“, “Avicii Experience” and the Avicii Arena!

Some words from his father Klas Bergling:

“The Doodle is fantastic, my family and I feel honored and Tim would have been very proud and love it. It is a friendly and warm story of a young man fulfilling his dream to be a DJ and at the same time telling us that our journey in life is not always easy despite fame and fortune.

Sketch from Avicii 32nd Birthday Google Doodle by Alyssa Winans

Sketches from Avicii 32nd Birthday Google Doodle by Alyssa Winans

“When Tim was about 10-years-old, he sang the Swedish national anthem at full capacity. He really lived in the moment when doing that, and it was times like this I initially understood there was something special there.”

“Tim was such a special person, I was always proud of him for just being the person he was. In terms of his musical accomplishments, I will never forget when he played in a park called Strömparterren in Stockholm in the early days of his career. He’d told me explicitly to not come — maybe because it wasn’t very cool to have your father around at that age — but I went anyway and hid behind a tree. It was a great evening and I remember feeling surprised, amazed and very proud. When I came to find him backstage afterwards, he was so glad I came.

AVICII awards:

– Swedish Grammis Awards for Best Innovator (2012) and Best Artist (2014)

– World Music Award for Best Electronic Dance Artist (2014).

– American Music Award for Electronic Dance Music Artists (2013)

– Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/Electronic Song (2014)

– MTV Music Award for Best Dance Music Video (2018)

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