3Lau has launched its new NFT-based platform. Royal will allow fans and listeners – token holders – to earn royalties from the songs they invested in.

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How it works

Royal is a platform that allows anyone to invest directly in their favorite songs and earn royalties together with the artist. In fact the artists will create digital assets and the property will be directly incorporated into the master of the track. Investors will be able to buy these assets, while Royal will collect royalties and distribute them to the “owners”. The platform will even allow, in the future, to sell and exchange royalties between owners.

The system promoted by the platform is the following. Artists will earn directly from their fans. This gain will be reciprocal, as it will also allow the owners of the assets to earn from royalties. Without intermediaries between the artist / owner and the income. https://royal.io/r/cc7e2d6d-7b9a-4960-9aad-2ec84e9702e2

Stay in touch!

The platform already offers several forms in which to get information or even start selling your music. Check it HERE. If you are interested in the project, fill out this form; if you want to start selling your music on Royal, click here.

Royal Site

The project conceived by 3lau will see the light completely in 2022, but in the meantime it is possible to participate in the “construction” of everything on the official Discord profile.


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