You may like it or not but undoubtedly Paradise Again, the first studio album by Swedish House Mafia, is certainly the most anticipated musical product of the year. Released on April 15, the album consists of 17 tracks including the previously released hits: It gets better, Lifetime, Moth to a flame and Redlight. Listening to the various songs inside, the first impression for those who follow the trio from day one is the stylistic evolution that the artists have matured, after their return to the scene in 2018. In fact, in these tracks you can hear sounds that combine numerous different genres, almost as if it were an experiment in the fusion of new sounds. Paradise Again certainly marks a new era in the electronic music scene, combining some house music tracks for the dance floor, others more melodic and exciting, tracks with a more biting sound but also collaborations with the likes of: The Weeknd , Sting, A$AP Rocky and Ty Dolla $ign. Among the song writers of the songs are Lars Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Ponte, better known as Vargas & Lagola, (who have collaborated with artists such as Avicii and Axwell & Ingrosso themselves, but also Madonna and Lady Gaga), Seinabo Sey and Carl Nordström.

Listen to the album here:

From the day we formed SHM our dream was to make a studio album, an album that represents who we are as individuals and artists. From our meeting we decided to make our dream come true, we would embark on a sonic adventure that would take us to a new world, a world of free thoughts, limitless ideas and room for expression. This is us, this is our world, this is “Paradise Again”.

Did you know that Mafia was originally going to be called Drama? Or that six of the tracks on the new album were released in just two days? These and other anecdotes can be found in the interview with Zane Lowe that the Swedish trio, after the release of Paradise Again, made for Apple Music. Not only curiosities and revelations but also intimate confessions: Axwell, Angello and Ingrosso speak of their album as a product of maturation, experience and experimentation, not created specifically for the radio or the club.

The Swedish also collaborated with Spotify, presenting Paradise Again following the closing of the first day of Coachella, one of the biggest and most important American festivals ever, held every year for two weeks in the Indio desert, California. The entire show was streamed live on the Spotify Live app and the special guest of the event was Alesso. The actual show, however, took place both Coachella sundays and was created in collaboration with The Weeknd. An hour and a half of live in which the swedish djs played the new songs and the old glories, and then gave way to the most popular american singer of the moment, who inflamed the audience with all his most famous hits. The show then concluded with the back to back of the four artists who performed with their collaboration from almost 300 million streams on Spotify, Moth to a flame.

For the occasion, a futuristic stage was created through a concept by Alexander Wessely whichmade the show even more unforgettable between lights and laser beams.


A return in style for the Swedish House Mafia who also revealed the supporting artists at various dates around the world after announcing the European tour. Among the names we mention: Alesso, Vintage Culture, Zhu, Grimes, Kaytranada, Salvatore Ganacci and Gordo. It is not known yet if others will be announced in the coming months but we are sure that Paradise Again Tour will not disappoint our expectations.

Here you can find our favorite songs:
Teo: Heaven Takes You Home
Rudy: Mafia

Kev: Don’t go mad
Ele M: ​​Don’t go mad
Ele V: Time
Ste: Moth to a flame
Edge: Mafia
Edo: Paradise Again
Emilio: Calling On
Greg: Calling On
Valerio: Lifetime

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