In youBEAT we spend so much time in listening experience, to search the best dance/electronic releases and the Top performing tracks on Spotify. But, what about albums? From debut album to yet another masterpiece: every month many artists try to overcome barriers with a greater artistic work, a story written in music, an album. Here you can find the Best Albums of February 2022 chosen by our team.


Listening to music it’s a very personal experience. In youBEAT we think that an album should be enjoyed as a music journey, an artistic experience given us by the musicians, and that’s why this monthly selection is NOT based on numbers & stats. But don’t worry! We’re not “fundamentalists” like Adele!

BEST ALBUMS – April 2022

Flume – Palaces

Release Date: 20-05-2022

Label: Future Classic/Transgressive

HAAi – Baby, We’re Ascending

Release Date: 27-05-2022

Label: Mute Records

Hermitude – Mirror Mountain
Release Date: 06-05-2022

Label: Elefant Traks

IDK – Simple.

Release Date: 06-05-2022

Label: Clue No Clue

Kinnship – Intenserenity 

Release Date: 13-05-2022

Label: Future Vision Music

Le Youth – Reminders

Release Date: 27-05-2022

Label: This Never Happened

Moderat – MORE D4TA

Release Date: 13-05-2022

Label: Monkeytown Records

Noisia – Closer

Release Date: 13-05-2022


Stavroz – Mindibu

Release Date: 13-05-2022

Label: Moodfamily

Tourist – Inside Out

Release Date: 20-05-2022

Label: Monday Records