You probably never heard anything about S-Money

S-Money is an Australian exchange company born in 2019 in Melbourne specialized in all kind of values. Founded by Justin Rampono, S-Money has got a finance blog both with the company services. S-Money’s blog recently reported its study about the most valuable song from every country. This study has been built around the demonstrated theory that music belongs to all cultures and exists in them for the same fundamentals reasons strictly linked with art, health, love and dance. That’s what happened.

S-Money calculated the Spotify earnings of the most-streamed song by artists of every country. Then we counted the takings of the most “Spotified” track in each country and put both sets of data (referred to February 2021) into interactive tables with playable clips”

S-Money: The Most Valuable Song From Every Country World Map
S-Money’s “The Most Valuable Song From Every Country World Map”
The Most Valuable Song of the World

In S-Money’ study merge that the most valuable song of the world, it’s also the main character of one of the biggest copyright lawsuit of music history. We’re talking about Ed Sheeran and his multi-platinum hit “Shape of You”. The British singer & songwriter said that he wrote the most precious song of Spotify in a hour and a half, but there’s a shadow on this huge success. Actually in fact there are more than other 30 songwriters linked to that song. The lawsuit about the alleged plagiarism is still switched on and fixed for 2022 UK court calendar. Even if Spotify chained payments for the track till the end of the lawsuit, it generate $13.35M in royalties with its 2.724.013.193 plays all over the world.

And what about Dance/Electronic?

It’s finally time to get a look to our fav genres numbers merged by the research we’re talking about. S-Money reported a podium of the most valuable dance/electronic tracks. At the 3rd place we find the Lithuanian Dynoro and his “In My Mind” with huge numbers, but not enough to reach Alan Walker 1st place with “Faded”. Oh sorry! Did we miss the 2nd place? It’s not a case.

Most Valuable Dance/Electronic Worldwide
S-Money’s “Most Valuable Dance/Electronic Song Worldwide”
Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” – Most Played Song in Sweden

Yes. It’s Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up” the 2nd most valuable song worldwide and also the most played in his homeland, Sweden. “Wake Me Up” has been played 117.178.113 times in Sweden, with a total payments amount of $574.173. It has been the most played track of Spotify in the past. Why? Because it’s the main played on Spotify outside Sweden earning more than $6M from 1.23 billions plays worldwide. So it’s important for a track be exported but not necessary cause main bangers run especially in their country. Post Malone (in the US), “Shape of You” (obviously in UK) and “Roller” by Apache 207 are just some examples of that but now get a look to te full list.

S-Money's "Most Streamed Songs from every country"
S-Money’s “Most Streamed Songs from every country”
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