Record edition for Nameless Music Festival 2022 which recorded the participation of 100 thousand people in four days dedicated to the most varied facets of the EDM panorama, as well as hip pop and trap, in the new location of Poncia between Annone, Bosisio Parini and Molteno.

This new location has taken the place of the historic headquarters of Barzio, in Valsassina, which by now had become too small and difficult to manage due to the amount of people mobilized by the event. In fact, there are now several editions that NMF spectators reach the festival not only from all over Italy but also from Europe and overseas.

Nameless is therefore confirmed to be one of the most awaited and appreciated events of the Italian music scene not only for the historical supporters of the event who have crowded the mainstage dedicated entirely to electronic music for years, but also by a new audience that over the years has seen the development of a second stage dedicated to hip hop and trap stars.

To accompany the two main stages called Lake Tent and Mountain Stage, once again this year, with great appreciation by lovers of Tech House and more underground sounds, the third Molinari Igloo stage has been re-proposed, and finally a last corner of paradise called RedBull  Unforeseen, located at the rear of the mainstage and accessible only by “password”, in which it was possible to find, among other things, a swimming pool and a hot tub.

This edition was particularly special. The thing that made us happier was finally being able to leave behind two difficult years – declares Alberto Fumagalli, CEO of NAMELESS FESTIVAL – They were four incredible days, where Italian and international artists performed on our stages in front of a heterogeneous audience. and vast. We are proud because this edition also attracted participants from many foreign countries, as well as from all over Italy. Nameless is growing and without the public that has always supported us it would not have been possible.

The experience of NMF 2022 was divided into 4 days (+1) in which dozens of artists took turns in the various stages of the event to bring, once again, the festival on a par with the most famous international events.

Day 0 of Nameless was a tribute to the inhabitants of the Ogionese, in fact on Wednesday 1 June Albertino, Fargetta, Molella and Prezioso took the stage for an unforgettable Deejay Time to the notes of the hits of the 90s and dance music. The show paved the way for Deejay Time AdvenTour 2022, which will bring the music of Deejay Time to clubs and squares throughout Italy from June to September.

Day 1 was inaugurated by the likes of Tiësto, Joel Corry, Will Sparks, Habstrakt and the Moksi as far as the mainstage is concerned, while Ernia, Luchè, Noyz Narcos, Rhove, Drefgold, Nerone and Anna went up on the Mountain Stage. The Igloo Molinari hosted DJ Ralf and Alex Neri as well as Giancarlino, GNMR and Luca Vera.

Below is a recap of the best moments we captured from festival guests:

As for Day 2, among the many artists who performed we mention Afrojack, Purple Disco Machine, Lil Pump, Tony Effe (later joined by Pyrex and Wayne), Geolier, Paky, Morten, Dom Dolla, James Hype, Nextars and Astrality .

Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack, has been able to blow up the dancefloor as everyone has been waiting to do since the 2019 edition, with an energetic set that was able to follow up the already hot tempers thanks also to the set of his predecessor Purple Disco Machine, which has long accustomed us to its sounds for fine palates. Who is writing this paragraph had the pleasure of attending an Afrojack performance in the now distant 2011 at another event held in Italy, near Venice and today, 11 years later, it is necessary to confirm that the energy of the you can almost feel his sets the next day, when, turning between the various stages, we happened to meet various people who were still talking about it and willingly spent a few words with us about the good vibes still in the air. To tell the truth, Day 2 was already looking hot by the early afternoon. In fact, just think of the Nextars set, which was able to mix Dubstep and Riddim even when the sun was still high, just over an hour from the opening of the gates. As for Igloo Molinari, it is impossible not to mention the set of Astrality, literally a journey with open eyes, just as the now veterans of Nameless Havoc & Lawn deserve a mention.

Day 3 was monopolized by the sets of Illenium, Kayzo, Acraze, Riton and Merk & Kremont while in the second stage the performances of Central Cee captured the attention, for the first time ever in Italy, bbno $, Massimo Pericolo, Il Pagante, Nello Traver and Mara Sattei.

Illenium, who had already been to Italy for a stop at the Fabrique in Milan, closed the day with a set featuring Future Bass and Dubstep sounds, while Kayzo, guest for the third time of NMF, brought his typical set full of Dubstep / Riddim and genres favored by the many headbangers present, which however contrasted with the House tracks previously proposed by Acraze.

Day 4 had a worthy conclusion with the explosive performances of Dj Snake, Topic, Benny Benassi, Gué, Lazza, Villabanks, Mambolosco, Boro Boro, Rosa Chemical, Fred De Palma, Shouse, Apashe, D.O.D., Tita Lau, Pretty Pink, Hawk, Basics, Slings, TheloniousB, Axell, Epoque, ELE A, Ice-Stain, Bassel Darwish, Etapp Kyle b2b, Undercatt, Black Fancy and Bina.

The last day of Nameless 2022, speaking of the mainstage, began with the energetic set of the Basics, who did not spare themselves in terms of decidedly track fillers and CO2. In a second moment the whole area was involved by the passage of a powerful downpour which, however, all the staff was able to deal with promptly, assisted by an audience that was not intimidated by bad weather but who, on the contrary, once resumed the set by Tita Lau, he paid homage to the DJ and producer by singing choirs and songs in her honor, until she shed a tender tear, during what, by her own admission, was her first set at a festival. D.O.D. and Apashe then quickly raised the temperatures, proposing two sets that were really capable of entertaining, waiting for the final stages. Duty honorable mention to “uncle” Benny Benassi, who has repeatedly thanked all the thousands of people present, transmitting that energy that only a console veteran can do. After the set of Topic, which particularly struck us in a positive sense, but that was to be expected, it was the turn of Dj Snake, who certainly did not skimp on the 4/4 straight kick drum and the sounds for which we know well, making everyone on the track unleash, bringing the public to the conclusion of this edition too, which saw its worthy closure on the notes of L’amour Toujours by Gigi D’agostino, in a final riot of kisses, hugs and even a few tears, all under the sky illuminated by the now usual fireworks display.

Because these were not just 4 days of celebration, but infinite ways of experiencing music, with its equally infinite facets.

Thanks Nameless, see you next year!

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