Meduza are actually one of the biggest and requested artists worldwide thanks to the path built in the last 3 years, climbing charts and reaching Gold/Platinum certifications for single like “Paradise” feat Dermot Kennedy (#1 Global 50 Spotify) and now with their last release “Tell It To My Heart” with Hozier. With over 19M monthly listeners on Spotify, Meduza are actually one of the main Italian acts listened worldwide (after Maneskin) and they are finally back home for the only 2021 performance in Italy hosted by Amnesia Milano.

Amnesia’s Atmosphere

The Italian DJs involved the public with a three-hour set, playing their hits, a song not yet released and other tracks that recreated the typical atmosphere of Afterlife events. Thanks also to the light effects generated by the lasers and neon lights on the ceiling, Amnesia gave all the attendees an unforgettable show, especially considering how much the current year has put a strain on the sector. Meduza have been able to attract a very varied audience: from those who are passionate and appreciate the genre (we met people from various parts of Italy who came to Milan specifically for the event) to those who, on the other hand, a little younger or inexperienced, only knew them for world hits.

Meduza as Italian pride

Even before the pandemic, it was not a secret that in Italy dance/electronic music has lost the appeal that was played around the world especially with an historical 90s dance music generation. But after so many years now Meduza are more than a successful e qualitative music project. But they could be more than this. They could be the name which act as a tow together with figure like Benny Benassi, Tale of Us and new Italian DJs & producers generation to relaunch a shining Italian dance/electronic movement. It’s strange watch an actual situation that showed us more than one time the true necessity of renewal and diffusion of the club culture, while the up-mentioned figures are lightning in different venues around the globe. It’s for sure a problem linked also to the necessity and the different approach (due to our mother tongue) that it’s based in Italian record market. But it’s not an excuse.

We have to thank Meduza for making their unmistakable sound known to the whole world, showing what Italian producers are capable of. We wish them to continue riding the crest of the wave, as pioneers of a genre that makes everyone dance, an undertaking that is not for everyone today, considering the saturation in the electronic music market. Even with an atypical set, with a bunch of underground remixes to match better the Amnesia dance floor, this aspect has merged indisputably.