IMS is finally back in real life

IMS opened its doors today after 2 years in digital edition. International Music Summit will be for sure a little bit more special than previous editions but not just for the pandemic as fact, but also for consequences, evolutions and topics merged clearly in lot of professionals minds.

“In Pursuit of Purpose”

The institutional opening hosted by Jaguar and IMS co-founder Ben Turner definitely expressed all the happiness to finally be back in Ibiza for this conference. A special conference, that makes focus on professionals not just on the industry. This short talk confirmed how this event is appreciated giving highlight best practice in core values to an industry emerging and re-building following the devastating impact of the global pandemic.

“Road to Recovery” by Beatport

The first speech by Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport, highlighted the reasons of the changes that the platform has made in recent years, especially in conjunction with the slight rebrand, and however linked to the global pandemic situation. McDaniels has put the word community at the center, and has drawn up 5 points for which the word itself is fundamental: Gritty, Adaptable, Compassionate, Innovative, Experienced.

Ten Years of AFEM, Association for Electronic Music

Silvia Montello, AFEM CEO, retraced here at IMS the results achieved by the Association in the last 10 years. A period in which their contribution in various aspects of the industry was incisive. From inclusion to sustainability, AFEM’s work doesn’t stop there. The next ten-year plan is just as ambitious as it is potentially effective in improving further sides of this business.

“Our goal is to educate and make people and artists aware of what is good and what is bad for the industry, finding coherent and sustainable solutions

Music fundraising for Ukraine with NASTIA 

The conflict still happening in Ukraine certainly could not go unnoticed during IMS. The world of music in general has not stood still, on the contrary it has given support to Ukrainian artists in raising funds to support the victims of the war. During the summit, NASTIA with a strong testimony he reaffirmed the importance of this support which in a short time has been able to do a lot for many people.

“The TikTok Effect” with Ole Obermann

Could TikTok be absent from IMS? Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music of TikTok guided us into his world, scanning datas. The mechanics of the platform, explained in a concise but effective way, represent a focal point of TikTok under many aspects: simplicity and an algorithm that makes each feed and profile unique. TikTok got crazy numbers, more than 100 billion views on some videos, the growth is awesome. Last year, 175 songs born on the platform, featured on the #1 Billboard chart in the US, 40 songs in UK in 2021 went to n.1 on charts, starting on TikTok. These are data that are worth much more than the assumptions made years ago.

We have 3 platforms going on at the moment: TikTok, SoundON, made specifically for unsigned artists, a platform to “kickstart” new artist to TikTok and where they got to get payed, even if they are not signed to any label. Lastly we just launched a premium streaming service called Razl, available in Brasil, India and Indonesia and which will be a direct competitor with Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube & Google: Lyor Cohen “in conversation2” with Pete Tong

One of the most interesting interventions of the first day of IMS was certainly that of Lyor Cohen, in a chat with Pete Tong where he retraced his monumental career. Between anecdotes and a lot of sympathy he reaffirmed the impact of YouTube on the industry, both from the purely streaming front and for the rapid and impressive growth of the Shorts format on the platform. There was no shortage of questions about the new paths that the music industry is taking and on which Cohen made a very important statement in our opinion.

“The Web3 is designed to perfectly suite only the music industry”

Professionals’ Feedbacks

“IMS is amazing this year! The venue is perfect. I believe is the busiest that is ever been and more delegates than any other year. That’s perfect for my new role at AFEM, where you need to work with new contacts, but also with old ones” Silvia Montello, AFEM CEO

“I think it’s really exciting, a colourful event. After the pandemic, I think it’s more modern, more inclusive, people are kinder and here can discuss lot about innovations in different ways.” Panna Krizsán, IMS Staff

“I think it’s been fantastic to see people you hadn’t had the chance to meet during these years, it’s going incredibly well, great panels and great venue.” Polly Dunseath, Co-Founder SOLO LDN

It’s our first time at IMS, it’s a great chance to meet friends and colleagues you hadn’t had the chance to see in person in years. It’s a big opportunity to create new networks, both for newcomer artists like us and for professionals of the industry.
Differently from ADE, where everything is more chaotic, fast and spreaded across a whole city, here you can see everyone is more relaxed, you can catch VIPs at the bar like old friends or near the pool.” Havoc & Lawn, Artists

It’s wonderful, this new panel encourages women to become more confident and more fearless.” Natanya Pilikian, RCA Records

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