Ibiza is ready to host IMS just before Pacha‘s reopening and turn on the lights after two years among the shadows due to the pandemic.

Which better way to start over?

IMS: International Music Summit

International Music Summit is an educational, inspirational and motivational thought leadership platform dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for electronic music and the artistry related to DJing and all related art forms, through the presentation of summits and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of the genre to art and culture worldwide.

IMS annually hosts major events globally in Ibiza, Los Angeles, and China.”


After 15 years, the importance of the conference conceived by Pete Tong in 2007 is even more relevant in this 2022. Finally the physical return to Ibiza will be possible. La Isla has always been a symbol of summer for all parts of the music industry, and chosen as a location for one of the most important events of the year, especially for professionals. This is in fact a particular edition, the first after the pandemic. The key words for this year edition are “In Pursuit Of Purpose”. The topics of the next International Music Summit in Ibiza will focus in particular on what has emerged and it has been possible to evaluate with criteria thanks to the fact that Covid19 has forced the world to pull the brake.

“We will once again be bringing our values to the forefront of the summit –

sustainability, climate action, equality, innovation, collaboration, transparency, education, mental health, wellbeing.

This time with more perspective and more understanding following the globally shared experience of COVID-19.”

But it will not be the only novelty. This year the organization has chosen to opt for a less traditional schedule:

For the first time ever we will adopt a “No Panel” policy. We will be curating a summit that is still made up of inspiring and provoking keynotes, lectures, conversation and workshops with the most forward thinking minds in the industry.

However, we are doing away with the tired multi-person format of debates and ‘panels’.

The conference will be held from 27 to 29 April 2022 in the fabulous Destino Pacha Resort, near Talamanca and will be hosted by Pete Tong and Jaguar. The location is already sold out for the event, while some different tickets are still available here.

Pacha is finally ready to reopen in Ibiza

The world’s most iconic nightclub and famous red cherriesPacha announced details of the Ibiza Grand Opening after a two-year closure. And it’s definitely ready for its biggest summer season yet. The party will take place on friday 29th April hosting Solomun all night long.

Pacha Ibiza Reopening Solomun
Pacha Ibiza Reopening

The Bosnian-German artist is the chosen to represent a monumental return for Pacha as the pioneer of Ibiza’s dance and cultural movement. But that’s not enough! Pacha told about “the biggest season ever” and it’s managing in that way. Another great announce has been revealed.

Claptone Presents: ‘THE MASQUERADE’ at Pacha Ibiza

“You have no idea how excited I am to announce that ‘The Masquerade’ will finally return to Ibiza this summer. For me ‘The Masquerade’ stands in the true tradition of the white isle and more so Pacha itself, embracing the rich musical history and the inherent vibe deeply rooted in the club. House is as a feeling and ‘The Masquerade’ at Pacha is its home.”

Claptone’s words fully represent the air that you begin to perceive in Ibiza and especially at Pacha.

Claptone "The Masquerade" @Pacha
“The Masquerade” @Pacha

‘The Masquerade’ will throw open its doors on May 14th and continue each Saturday until October 15th. A heavy residence that seems to be just the first of the surprises that the cherry shop has in store for summer 2022.

“I have always stood for an open minded and fun definition of House music and it fills me with joy to host a party that exceeds a simple Claptone DJ-set, a night where I can bringing along other artists that I appreciate. Not to forget the stunning dancers, breathtaking performers and mystique decor we’ll be witnessing. Take the chance to dive into a world where you can be whoever they want to be: A world without boundaries and without judgment. I can’t wait for you to join us dancing under the big golden mask.” Claptone

A huge return on The White Isle for the industry, with International Music Summit and Pacha that are just the beginning for Ibiza’s summer.

The atmosphere is electrifying, we do not hide emotion and enthusiasm. We just have to experience the return to the island.