In the common imagination, Firenze is a wide and illustrious “artisan shop“, just like if time had never passed. Homeland of masters and authorities of all sorts, enclosed in an immaculate medieval village that attracts the eyes of the whole world. Time brings with it habits and customs but, just like in the past centuries, it does not affect the artistic and creative spirit of this city. Aware of this innate intangibility, Florence just hosted one of the many events that consecrates it to the center of a particular work of art: electronic music. About 50,000 people -of which 30% coming from abroad – converged in the Tuscan capital to attend the 2022 edition of Decibel Open Air.


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An unprecedented success, which once again turns in favor of the legitimacy of the city as the national cornerstone of the electronic environment. In this short article, we are going to make a personal examination about our Decibel experience, but also about Elrow and especially Terminal V.


Absolutely mindblowing! No other judgments allowed as it’s confirmed by the 50,000 double sold out guests. High-caliber names like Paul Kalkbrenner, Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin, Caribou, Vitalic, Overmono. Names of our beloved – and much appreciated – music scene like 999999999, T78, Giorgia Angiuli, Cosmo, Marco Carola. But also exotic and on-launching-pad guests like I Hate Models’ madness, WADE‘s latin soul, Kolsch‘s stasis and Klaus’ atmosphere. Moreover it has been incredibly fascinating the fact that the users were extremely prepared and competent on the multicolored artistic offer. Yet another sign that Firenze is seething with niche and non-niche musical culture, as well as a must-go destination of many electronic pilgrims.


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Location slightly more internal than the last edition of Decibel Open Air held at the Cascine Hippodrome. Less distracting, of course, but also more “controllable” and hided from the summer heat. Lots of food & drinks stands equally distributed alongside the venue. Security staff operated an efficient coverage as they fortunately never had to intervene except for a singular case during the euphoric set of our 999999999. Only in rare cases and from certain listening points, it was possible to perceive a slight overlap of sound from the main stage and the Elrow / Terminal V ones, which however did not seriously annoyed the acoustics.



The choice of the three (let’s say even four) stages had the desired effect. The DOA mainstage was absolutely breathtaking, with visuals and light shows that did not work as simple outline. Euphoric show on Saturday held on Elrow stage, where Tech House-influenced dj sets made  the mainstage seriously envious. Scottish brand Terminal V hosted a remarkable Techno environment on Sunday, with the whole crew attended to test the heat in the Italian public. The Amphitheater converted to stage is simply wonderful: surreal and scenographic atmosphere, concerning refined and engaging sounds.

Truly a festival experience like very few others, because we had never been able to see a similar preparation by the organizers, as well as by the participants. The only regret is that we have to wait another year to get the encore .. by the way: the dates of the 2023 edition of will be confirmed shortly, so stay tuned!



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