Nameless Music Festival 2016 mette in palio 1 Pass Backstage per 3 giorni + Cuffie Ufficiali NMF16, in collaborazione con EDM Italy, This Is EDM, youBEAT, SoundBound e RaveFriendz.

Segui gli steps ed invita i tuoi amici per guadagnare più punti!
(Data fine contest: 25 Maggio)



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25y from Milan, Italy. I‘m passionate about digital media world and I graduated in Media Languages at UCSC Milan  with a thesis about the revolution of daily life with the streaming in entertainment and information. Since 2012 I’m developing the Italian dance/electronic network youBEAT (www.youbeat.it) with a team of young editors and reporters and collaboration with international radio, events and festivals. I use to daily check music business and marketing/digital platforms in order to discover and be keen on news, stats and trends.

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