Robert Falcon @ VISION
Robert Falcon @ VISION

[Sabato 22 Aprile 2017]

VISION presenta: Robert Falcon @ L’ Andy Live Music
[Straight from Spinnin’ Records & Armada Music]

LINE UP: Kom – FIVE – Last Minute – Andrea della Valle / Nikkk

You started your music project at the age of 21, with the collaboration with Quintino on Spinnin’ Records and after that you released “I’ll Be Waiting” with Vigel on Armin’s label Armada Music..
How did you start your journey  and how was working for these big labels?

I started making music a few years ago.. And my dream was to release my own music on a big label! A few years later that happend and I got the opportunity to work with some major artists all over the world. I still can’t believe that this is happening.

Who are your inspirations and idols?

My idol in the scene is of course “Martin Garrix”. On the age he had, making that world hit… He’s doing such a good job and releases so much great music!


“Warru” has been edited by Italian duo Nari & Milani, what do you think about Italian artists and festivals/clubs?

I receive a lot of attention from Italy because they are so into Dance music! I really love playing there and the atmosphere is just amazing. It was also a lot of fun to work with them because they are just big legends in the scene and the edit they did was amazing. I still receive messages and support on this track! 


You released “The End” with Rivero in Free Download via Metanoia. What do you think about free download as powerful service linked with gates to grow artists fanbase?

I’m just doing it as a big thank you to everyone who’s supporting my music! I’ll be doing it more and more in the future. That you can reach more fans with this is a nice extra.

Which are your favourite plugins and sounds in production?

 There are a lot of plugins who are always good to use.. Then i’m talking about the basic ones like: Nexus, Spire, Sylenth,… But you also have the Synthmaster or Izotope trash who are fun to use! You have so many possible things, it depends on what you want to do ofcourse. :))

“Mirage” and “Think of Me” are your latest releases, how will you develop your music style in the next future? If you can, would you tell us some information about new music and collaborations?

Next month my track with Carta is coming out on Source / Spinnin Records. It will be more in the line of “Mirage” but with even more Future Bass style of sounds. It was already in the Future Hits mixtape of Spinnin Records a few months ago so I’m happy i can finally release it. After that I’ve worked with some big artists but like always… I can’t tell you more about that atm! 

Robert Falcon @ VISION
Robert Falcon @ VISION

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