youBEAT always look for new music trends and intense emotions. 
What guide us? 
That sound you recognize in chaos, 
that sound that changes your perspective, 
the sound that is just… FRESH! 

Discover our #FreshFive selection for March 2020!

Nothing can stop our need of fresh new music! That’s why we provide you latest club banger from Andrea Marino & ToMix, Ralov’s debut release and SLVR‘s darky bass release. If you’re more into electronic hip hop beats, then COPYCATT is what you need as well as dreamy progressive house pearl from Vaance.


Andrea Marino & ToMix – Una Canciòn [Mixmash Deep]

Ralov – La Dee Da [Bring The Kingdom]

SLVR – Under Pressure [Spinnin’ Records]

COPYCATT – Bare Your Soul [Inspected]

Vaance – Worth It (feat. Meggie York) [Enforce Rcrds]

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