Spotify is a music streaming platform that gives anyone the possibility to listen and playlist their music without limits. In fact, we move from personal and private playlists to collective, private and editorial ones, from those divided for each existing genre to those in which we can literally listen to everything, from classical music to metal. Release Radar is one of the three most important playlists on Spotify that has just turned five years old, also achieving another important milestone: it has been listened to more than 16 billion times. It’s in fact among the most listened to globally as it allows users (50% young people between the ages of 18 and 29) to learn about all the latest and most important news in the music field.

The day artists usually release their songs or albums is Friday and it’s on this occasion that Release Radar kicks in. It’s in fact updated every week by its editors who carry out an important job of selecting and curating the songs, to offer its users the best music around. What makes this playlist so innovative is the fact that it’s customized for each listener, obviously based on the genres and artists they listens to most. Along with Discovery WeeklyOn Repeat and the new Blend feature previously  launched in beta in early June.

However,  the Radar it ‘s accessible to any artist, Spotify in fact imposes precise and well-defined criteria to be respected in the management and internal organization. Now let’s see more specifically what it is:

  • The artist must deliver and present new music at least 7 days before the day of publication;
  • only tracks featuring a specific artist are included, not a remixer.
  • no songs by various artists are included;
  • reissues of songs already on Spotify are excluded from the list;
  • each listener receives only one song per artist per week;
  • the song that is inside Release Radar can stay for a maximum of four weeks.
  • the playlist will not include a track that has already been listened to by the user

The cool new Blend tool help sync your tastes even further—and put music compatibility to the test with percentage result and best shared songs.

Ready to get started?

  1. Tap “Create Blend” in the Made for You hub on mobile.
  2. Next, tap “Invite” to select a friend to join your Blend via messaging.
  3. Once your friend accepts, Spotify will generate custom cover art and a track list for the two of you filled with songs that combine your listening preferences and tastes.
  4. Share your Blend results across your social channels by tapping “Share this story” at the bottom of your data story screen.

Other useful tools

Spotify is a platform attentive to the needs of all those who have created an account and that is why, for Premium users, a new function called Enhance has been made available. In fact, like a real guide, it provides valuable personalized advice that allows you to create playlists in a much simpler and more immediate way.

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Here’s how to use Enhance:

  • tap the “Enhance” button at the top of each playlist;
  • recommendations are received every two tracks, for a maximum of 30 recommendations;
  • if you like the suggestion, press the “+” icon next to each new track to add it permanently to the playlist;
  • if the user is not satisfied, he can eliminate the “Enhance” function with a single touch.

Spotify also announced that it is taking over the audio section of Delta’s in-flight entertainment, offering its most popular playlists along with 42 select podcast series starting September 1. While this does not guarantee casual access to all content on the platform, it will still be possible to get a decent selection of popular music and podcasts from the streaming service. The content is “licensed directly by Delta and free for all passengers” and includes podcasts such as: Crime Junkie, Science Vs, StartUp, The Dave Chang Show, The Hottest Take, The Journal and more. As for the playlists we mention: Mood Booster, Are & Be, Hot Country, Mint, Today’s Top Hits, Relax & Unwind, RapCaviar and Ultimate Indie.

Once again Spotify demonstrates how to hold the record for playlists and music selection.

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