Spotify Greenroom is landed in social audio app world. A new frontier for Spotify that rebranded its Locker Room in a bigger way. After the announcement of “Car Thing”, its first hardware, another step for the Swedish company that’s now ready to face Clubhouse.

Social Audio app 2020 explosion

2020 was a strange year worldwide because of the pandemic but was also another digital innovative year. The launch of Clubhouse, a social app based on an audio input/output conversation system (developed just for iOS in the beginning) get a huge reach in alpha test (USA only) and then in Europe. All thanks to its exclusivity, with access by invitation only. In the same way, Twitter with its “Spaces“, Facebook Live Audio and Telegram updated themself in this 2021 to get an audio channel for their users. There are also bigger kind of platforms like Discord that in their construction have audio channels integrated. But meanwhile Clubhouse with its hype get lots of users so fast, Spotify certainly did not stand by and just watch. Spotify Greenroom it’s to all effects a rebrand. How is it possible? In March 2021 Daniel Ek’s streaming colossus has purchase Betty Labs, developer of Locker Room, celeb sports-focused audio app. Why it’s important this launch? Spotify worked softly looking to the competitors and only in this June 2021 announced its entry into the live audio market.

“Since bringing the Locker Room app into the fold, we’ve been working to expand its capabilities, with the goal of creating a live audio experience that will delight creators and listeners everywhere”

“And we wanted to do it with a Spotify twist that operated as an extension of the app already loved by 356 million listeners”.

Why Spotify Greenroom could be the Clubhouse killer

Excluding for now the amount of users who will be able to access, Spotify Greenroom is a new mobile app to join or host live audio rooms and also create podcasts. You can log in to Greenroom simply with a Spotify account. The plan is to leverage Spotify’s personalization technology to better connect users to content they would want to hear. But there’s something more. In fact you can also chat inside the rooms. Rooms can host up to 1,000 people, and Spotify expects to scale up that number later on and there are moderation controls, mute options and other common features as the competitors mentioned above. It’s a big challenge for the Stockholm based company but rumors confirmed Clubhouse vacillations facing other competitors. One of the biggest differences from others, wider, is focusing talks on music, culture and entertainment content, in addition to the live sports chatter that Locker Room was previously best known for. Spotify has also opened the Spotify Creator Fund, which will reward users that create popular live content on the platform with a gems system. The app probably need a couple of months to express, at least to a small extent, its potential. We can now just imagine how many Spotify users will join Greenroom but even if Q2 will be published next August, the continuous growth of users numbers could definitely be the determining factor for Spotify Greenroom to be the social audio market breaker.

Spotify Greenroom
Spotify Greenroom

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