The mighty Trumpet brings the freaks out!

During Dreamland Music Festival 2022 we had the opportunity to have a quick chat with one of the most requested djs in the world with 200+ gigs in the last year and also the first trumpeter to play in zero gravity (!): Timmy Trumpet!

Here’s our interview with him in the heart of the Alps, between his label, his over-the-edge lifestyle at 40 and the most unique place he has spun the decks at.


Stefano: In 2020 you launched your own record label SINPHONY. Are you developing something with a specific sound?
Timmy: It’s a good question, people tend to categorize music into genres, for me it’s just about good and bad music, and I’ve always tried to discover new upcoming talents, even here in italy, where I love the scene! It’s full of talented producers and they’re trying to do what others don’t have the guts to try, italy’s like on its own planet, it’s beautiful here.

Stefano: Have you discovered some interesting names yet here in italy?
Timmy: I’ve recently discovered Blanco, he’s fire, that guy can sing, a truly amazing talent.
Stefano: You’re one of the most energetic dj out there, performing not only with your music but putting up a rad show behind the decks too, at 40 you’re still going hard and you’re one of the most requested djs in every festival: how do you keep the balance between your personal and dj life about like sports, relax and hobbies?

Timmy: One word: tequila! I can’t do any show without tequila! I madly love what I do, and for whoever is watching this: do what you love in your life. I would have never thought about getting here in this stage of my career, I was just doing what I love, I don’t do this for the money, my manager is always angry at me because I keep messaging promoters telling them I would play for free, I don’t care, I just love this job and I’m very grateful for it. Can I say…if I can do it, everyone can do it, always remember it.

Stefano: What’s the most particular venue you performed and how do you feel being surrounded by a mountain here at Dreamland Music Festival?

Timmy: You know, coming from Australia and traveling here in Europe… it’s so beautiful here, you have so much history and architecture. A month ago I’ve played in France, at Positiv Festival, in this huge empty roman theathre and man…this venue bro, it’s actually ruins from ancient Rome, turned into a music festival. Coming through the doors was very hard, I’ve asked why the doors were so small and they told me the romans were actually very short, I was not that bothered because my friends used to call me Tiny Tim.

*youBEAT thanks Timmy Trumpet and Dreamland Festival for the interview*