KREAM duo, formed by Norwegian brothers Daniel and Markus Slettebakken, is definitely one of the most interesting projects and music styles in recent years counting 700M Spotify plays, the rising livestreams-label brand Liquid Lab and remixes available for free in their website which started their spotlight through Soundcloud and YouTube.
For these reasons and our love for their music style we dedicated them an episode of “All You Need to Know About“.

At Dreamland Music Festival 2022 we met them and we didn’t miss the opportunity to have a chat before following them in consolle for an amazing set where they premiered their latest single “Chemistry” with Camden Cox and IDEMI on Big Beat.


  • What’s the meaning of KREAM name?

Daniel: About our name, I would love to have something interesting to tell you, but there’s not much to tell. It’s just, we just decided on something. That’s really not something special.

  • So, which are the key elements of music that “Take Control” of KREAM’ soul?

Markus: The key ones is definitely, you gotta get the bass, the groove down and the vibe, the vibe is everything. That’s what we do. The vibe. You get the vibe down and you get the bass and the kick you’re good at. It sounds amazing.

Daniel: I agree, for sure. I think “Take Control” is kind of a typical tech house song, but it still has a more melodic touch, like vibe to it. So I think that’s what we really love to do. 

And it definitely “Take Control” of our body. Because it makes us dance every time and it’s one of the best ones.

  • Norway in recent years has grown a lot in the dance/electronic music scene with acts like Alan Walker, Kygo, Matoma, Orjan Nielsen, Savant and you. How do you see the future of the Scandinavian scene? Do you have any Norwegian/Scandinavian rising talents to suggest to us?

Daniel: It’s hard to say because most of the names you mentioned are very based on tropical house stuff, right? So I’m interested to see where, where they take, and what direction they take.Going forward. 

Markus: There’s not a lot of house music in Norway. There’s not a lot of house music in Norway yet. And I, and I’m excited to see when more of that kind of sound comes to Norway. But right now it’s very like a tropical house. But we want to do it more of like club club sound doing more like techno melodic, techno kind of stuff. 

Daniel: Definitely we’re considering doing like a Liquid Lab label, like Liquid Lab Records. I mean, it’s just incredible, like how many new producers are sending us stuff all the time. But I’m not sure, like Scandinavia, we haven’t heard that much coming from Scandinavia yet. Anyway please, if you’re from Norway and doing something like that, send it over. We’ll definitely consider it. 

  • Liquid Lab is a growing brand including livestreams, your radio show and it’s a record label. What’s the concept behind it and what are the plans you have for the next future like new set locations also abroad? 

Markus: I mean, the plan for Liquid Lab Records will be to continue the vibe and the sound that is in the Liquid Lab mixes. So it’s kind of an epic, melodic kind of vibe, but also a tiny bit of tech house in there. It’s just like all of that, just kind of the mix of different styles in one. We just wanna release music that we wanna play in our sets, you know. That’s what we wanna do.

I think the artists that we really like that we’re into now that I think should have more attention are like, Volaris and Dark Heart. I think those two artists are amazing. Those three artists are amazing. I think they should have way more attention than they already have.

  • KREAM project have a rising portfolio of remixes showing your style blended with different kinds of music. Which was the most difficult one to produce and which kind of music you will remix in the future?

Markus: The most difficult remix we did. That’s a tough one. I feel like remixes are really, they go really easy for us because we’ve been doing them since the beginning.That’s what we do. So remixes for us are really easy. They come really easy to us. It’s like we just throw in that Capella and then one day it’s done basically. Like that’s what we do. 

Daniel: Practice makes perfect

Markus: It just comes natural to us and then I love doing remixes, but this is fun basically. You can just experiment and do whatever you want. And then, you know, of course recreate our own sound, but you can do whatever you want, you know, and just have fun. Which is amazing. 

  • And it’s also a cool gift by KREAM for the audience to have it in free download.

Daniel: That’s why we do bootlegs, like the unofficial stuff. There’s no rules. You can, you can do whatever you want and just show it to people, right?

  • Which was the strangest place, the most particular place where you performed until now? Or which will be? Which will you try? 

Daniel: Constable was a very special event, but I think also Hvar.

Markus: Oh yeah. Hvar! 

Daniel: Yeah, in Croatia. Carpe Diem, the club is called. Hvar is an island outside Split. And then you go out to a private island where it’s like, 15000 people and you’re just party all night. So we did that two times this summer.

Markus: Very good. Amazing place. You should definitely go. If you haven’t been there, go to Hvar Carpe Diem, such a good party place.

* youBEAT thanks KREAM and Dreamland Music Festival for this super interview! *