In youBEAT we spend so much time in listening experience, to search the best dance/electronic releases and the Top performing tracks on Spotify. But, what about albums? From debut album to yet another masterpiece: every month many artists try to overcome barriers with a greater artistic work, a story written in music, an album. Here you can find the Best Albums of October 2022 chosen by our team.


Listening to music it’s a very personal experience. In youBEAT we think that an album should be enjoyed as a music journey, an artistic experience given us by the musicians, and that’s why this monthly selection is NOT based on numbers & stats. But don’t worry! We’re not “fundamentalists” like Adele!

BEST ALBUMS – October 2022

Agents Of Time – Universo

Release Date: 14-10-2022

Label: Kompakt

Alex Lustig – Fate

Release Date: 07-10-2022

Label: Pyur Beats

Armin van Buuren – Feel Again, Pt. 2

Release Date: 21-10-2022

Label: Armada Music

Bahri Bekil – Lokabrenna

Release Date: 14-10-2022

Label: Cafe De Anatolia

Fejká – Hiræth

Release Date: 21-10-2022

Label: Ki Records

FOURA – Taste

Release Date: 14-10-2022

Label: NLV Records

Fred again.. – Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022)

Release Date: 28-10-2022

Label: Atlantic Records UK

Night Tales – Proof

Release Date: 07-10-2022

Label: Ultra Records

Tove Lo – Dirt Femme

Release Date: 14-10-2022

Label: Pretty Swede Records/ mtheory

TSHA – Capricorn Sun

Release Date: 07-10-2022

Label: Ninja Tune