VISION HALLOWEEN 2016VISION ospita il giovane duo olandese REEZ nella sua edizione #scary per “Halloween 2016”.

La line up di base è sempre la stessa, con il “rocking Kom” in apertura che alterna il suo stile in ascesa con chicche rock.
A seguire gli special guests REEZ (Renze Michels + Siem Henskens), duo 18enne che propone un set con diverse loro produzioni come “Marco Polo” e “Getaway Car” insieme ai Breathe Carolina rilasciate su Spinnin’ Records, e molte altre uscite su Armada Music e Revealed Recordings.

In seguito riprende in mano la pista il resident FIVE, tra gli organizzatori del festival, che con l’energia che lo caratterizza esprime un ottimo set.

A chiudere le danze i set del nuovo progetto Last Minute (melbourne/big room) ed ADV con la sua techno come sempre molto raffinata e particolare.

youBEAT Interviews REEZ @ Scary Vision [29.10.2016]

– How did you meet and start REEZ project? Why this name?
We are good friends from school and our name is a fusion of our names RZ and EE.

– Do you prefere djing or producing? How would you define and develop your style?
We started producing in the same class in high school.
We are going to change our style, which will be more acoustic and melodic

– Congrats for your latest track “Getaway Car” with Breathe Carolina on Spinnin’ Records.
How was the collaboration with the american group and what do you think about the importance of vocals in the tracks
We went in Los Angeles for a studio week with the Bassjackers and we met a lot of singers.
We connected with amazing group Breathe Carolina for “Marco Polo” and this new one.
I think vocals and also melodies are the weapons to reach more people and get tracks stuck on your head.

– Next releases and collaborations coming soon?
We can’t say so much but we did a big remix for an artist we love so much coming soon.
We are really excited for that!

– Who are your idols and inspirations?
We did a remix for The Chainsmokers a year ago and since then we loved them for their talent and energy.
We also love Flume for his unique style and strength to be a real different act in the music scene.

youBEAT interviews REEZ @ Scary VISION
youBEAT interviews REEZ @ Scary VISION

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