For the last NextGen episode of 2022, we decided to find out more about Yvvan Back, AKA Ivan Melega, among the 100 most followed Italian EDM artists, with over 300k monthly listeners and 4M+ streams on Spotify. His “Mucho Mambo” was also included in the tracklist of an episode of the show “Emigratis” and he recently received a special commendation from the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia.

Could you tell us more about the beginning of you music career? I think that everything started when I was 3 years old, when my parents bought me some albums by Adriano Celentano. After some years I became passionate about art, drawings and paintings and I tried to put all this into practice while I was listening to music. In eighth grade I remember the new teacher told us to bring our favorite instrument to school and I brought my guitar. During that period a guitar course started in my city and I decided to participate.

You approached the world of EDM in a second time. What are the reasons that led you to this decision? I must confess that electronic music was not a part of me. In the last years of high school, however, pushed by some friends, I decided to try to produce EDM, because I was looking for my personal “signature sound”, precisely because I felt the need to express myself in a new way.

How did you come to Spinnin’ Records? During that time, I was a huge fan of Sosumi Records and Kryteria Records. I sent them 5 demos, from which I never got a response, before it came out in 2019 on Spinnin’ Records.

What are the elements that characterize your sounds? I believe that one of my tracks is recognizable by chord progressions and melodies and by elements such as particular sounds and effects.

We know that you are from a city near Padua, in the North part of Italy. How is the music situation in your area? I think that the thought that the dj must also “make culture” is missing here. I notice that the tracks that are played in the clubs are always the same. I think that there is a lack of will to propose something new and that one prefers to stay on what people know well, although I must say that I have noticed that some radio stations are trying to propose more tech house in their programs.

What are your future projects? Unfortunately I can’t give you spoilers but what I can say is that I’m working on a lot of new material, which will be part of a continuous experimentation, with some particular collaborations, too! We will definitely talk again, in the meantime keep following me!


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