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Global Music Vault could definitely be something really important, more than it appears. The aim of this huge data center, announced by Elire Management Group, for many people could be strange. Why? Because every kind of culture risk losing some parts. The first kind of vault for the music industry is located in the same mountain as the Arctic World Archive and Global Seed Vault in Norway, Svalbard. This storage facility, differently from other kinds of archives, is considered one of the greenest data centers in the world and has been nominated for several sustainability awards.

“Project ARV”

Since 2021 the musical expressions collection into the Global Music Vault is growing, getting sounds from every country and region around the world. ‘PROJECT ARV’ is the name of this mission. How will they reach their aim? Not alone. In fact it’s important give the right light to the partnership with the International Music Council (IMC) and its values to handle that contributions come in from all regions and countries of the world, ensuring that nothing is forgotten.

Five Music Rights
5 Music Rights explained

These music capsules from all over the world will then be deposited in an inaugural deposit event in Svalbard, Norway, to celebrate the longevity of the music and to safeguard that the music is kept relevant for all future generations.

All the features mentioned above, are strictly linked with the unrevealed technology (that will be revealed to the world in the near future) used for the storage system that is used inside this zero impact data center.

The technology used to store the data is as important as the music itself. Most digital storage mediums have a limited lifetime, and hardware, software and file formats become obsolete as technology evolves. The purpose-built digital medium can last for over 1000 years in the vault with guaranteed future accessibility.

Regarding the storage medium, is futureproof and technology independent, so no matter how much time has passed and how technology has evolved, the data will still be accessible. The technology can withstand extreme electromagnetic exposure and has undergone extensive longevity and accessibility testing. 

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