One of the hottest moments of the year – as well as stimulating – for all gamers on the planet is officially upon us. The beginning of the autumn season is synonymous with big drops, but this time we don’t limit ourselves exclusively dealing with music releases. As you may know, FIFA 22 will officially drop on 5 October. This game truly represents a cult for all new and old generation gamers.

But why are we talking about it?

It goes without saying: FIFA is not only a beloved video game, but also a pantry of great music! The work of selecting the tracks is so widespread and accurate, that it reflects a musical culture in its own right, globally and effectively targeted. The result is the exaltation of the work of the best Music Supervisors on the planet – those who “synchronize” (= select) the music played in the video game. An wholel year of research, negotiations between publishers, record labels and artists – more or less famous – which year after year has accustomed us very well.

From an artist point of view it represent a unique and peerless opportunity to be featured in the videogame, of course. Every year millions of copies are sold all over the world – in Italy it dominates the first position of the best-selling video games. FIFA 21 has been the Europe’s best-selling game on all major gaming platforms with a total of 123.7 million copies (both digital and physical). To enhance this data even more, the sales numbers increase year after year: just think of a record increase of 19% compared to 2020 (the pandemic has helped, but the numbers are impressive).

Yeah but, what about music?

Let’s move back to us: EA has published the complete list of songs featured in FIFA 22. Among the most famous names in the electronic music sphere we find Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, AC Slater, KREAM, Major Lazer, RL Grime, Baauer, Keys n Krates. There are also many “local” English names, including The Chemical Brothers, Elderbrook and Hybrid Minds. Lots of Drum & Bass and Grime, authentic English musical symbols exported all over the world.

Famous names, others a little less, to give a new and varied musical identity to a video game adored by the community. In the next few articles we will tell you how the gaming sector is a fundamental player – oops, excuse the pun – for the entire music sector. The annual reports on streaming and music synchronization leave no space for interpretation: gaming is the best partner the music industry can have. I’m leaving the FIFA 21 Spotify playlist link just to give you a little idea of ​​the potential.