Anche per questa seconda stagione di VISION il network youBEAT collabora come Media Partner per intervistare gli artisti e promuovere mensilmente questo concept di eventi molto giovane e sempre più funzionante.

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La line up di residenza è sempre la stessa, composta dai giovani talenti KOM e FIVE che rispettivamente precedono e susseguono lo special guest in posizione centrale.

In chiusura ADV (Andrea della Valle), con musica techno molto ricercata e particolare, mentre vi è un cambio di nome per HUSQY, che diventa LAST MINUTE.

Ad aprire la stagione è stato il 19enne olandese Timmo Hendriks da Apeldoorn, giovane dj/produttore con diversi singoli in Free Download supportati da artisti internazionali.
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youBEAT intervista TIMMO HENDRIKS:

Hi Timmo, nice to meet you! It’s a pleasure to have you here at VISION as special guest for its opening.
– What do you like most of Italy?

I like italian food, cities and their energetic and jumping crowds!

– When and how did you start?
Oh, this is a really funny story. I think 3 and half years ago I used to play lots of videogames and my parents wanted to quit me do it so they gifted me a consolle for christmas and all started!

– You recently released many successful free downloads like the latest “Odyssey” ft. Lindequist, Go Down, Rock N Roll and others. What do you think about free downloads and fangates to raise as an artist?
I think free download is great to spread music in the beginning. So many people prefer it, if you start as a newbie releasing music via labels you can’t achieve so much.
It’s important to create own fanbase and this is a good way to do it!

– Which are your dreams and your next news?
Right now i’m actually working with some labels, free downloads are going great but I would bring my career to the next step, keeping releasing new free download

– Which is your favourite style, artists and songs?
I started with Big Room but now I shifted to Groove/Electro style, in fact I love Dannic and Merk & Kremont “Ciao” style.
My idols are definitely Axwell /\ Ingrosso!

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