Definitely a “one through music” atmosphere at Moysa Milano with dj & producer SYREETA from Birmingham, now living in London with Caribbean heritage, introducing to Italian music industry professionals, passionate and experts AlphaTheta latest rotative mixer euphonia, supported by Italian artist Vittilucchi.

“Euphoric Harmonies” is the subtitle that best represents the product announced on March 14, 2024, which is proposed as a compelling mixing experience and sound, an immersion in music with the Rupert Neve Designs transformer that succeeds in producing rich and defined analog sound, exclusive rotary faders, and Energy Visualizer.

Authentic, fearless, inclusive: this is SYREETA.
British, Caribbean-born, queer, female producer & DJ who is breaking glass ceilings one after another. Resident DJ for HE.SHE.THEY (A Fashion Label, Event Series & Record Label for EVERYONE), with experience in major clubs and festivals in Europe as well as a debut at Coachella and features on BBC R1, Beatport.

SYREETA – @lj_jones_photo

We chatted with her about her artistic journey, equipment preferences, and collaborations before the start of her set with the new Euphonia rotary mixer.

Matteo – We are happy to welcome you here in Milan. We have been following you for several years and we really like your style and music.
SYREETA – I’m super happy too!

Matteo – Your style is inclusive and adapts to many different contexts, with a constant touch of house, techno and old school vibes. What is your background and what’s coming up on the production front?
SYREETA – I grew up listening to reggae and soul, and that was my family background, because I come from the Caribbean. Growing up, going to school, I learned about rock, jazz, R&B and jungle. Now I live in Birmingham and I’ve had so many influences from different eras. And I feel that they have all come together and are incorporated into the sets I play.
I like to have fun and I like to change the atmosphere often and make it flow nicely. And it’s the same with my productions. It’s an energy thing. It’s a feeling, and I like to have fun with that. And when I wake up, whatever emotion I feel that day is what comes out.

Rudy – We are very excited about the opportunity to interview you because last month we chatted with Stephen and Sophia about inclusivity for our youBEAT Café about He.She.They, not only for artists, but also for professionals.
How do you feel and how do you feel as the project’s resident DJ?
SYREETA He.She.They is one of the most amazing communities to play for. They represent everything I believe in, inclusivity, diversity, everything about them. I feel like I can be myself when I get on stage to play. I know that when I look at the crowd, there are people who look at me and say, “We feel good here.”
Everyone feels heard. They create spaces and contexts where everyone can come together and not be judged. And I love that aspect of their work. More people need to do this because it’s not just about the queer community, it’s about everyone coming together for the right reasons like music, love, atmosphere, and I will continue to support this project until the rest of my days.

Matteo – Let’s talk about your vision of the future of performance and DJing, considering the increasing focus on AI and virtual experiences.
How do you feel about this digital evolution in performance and production as well? Also in terms of visuals, audience experience, and daily work-flow.
SYREETA – It’s the future, isn’t it? I really appreciate the hard work that goes into making these innovations.
Personally, I’m a more simplistic person, so I focus more on the music and the vibes, what I can give the crowd and the experience I can give them. I put a lot of effort into achieving that: Making people feel good inside, and that’s what I want to continue to do by not looking at what’s behind me on the screen or from a screen. Maybe we need to go back. That’s why I like playing in Berlin so much. Because people listen in a club where there are no phones
like a lot of formats like Our House at Hï are doing now in Ibiza as well – It’s a completely different experience and I think more people need to experience it to understand the feeling when it’s just vibes and not images..

youBEAT interview SYREETA x AlphaTheta Euphonia event @ Moysa Milano
SYREETA with Matteo Villa (right) and Rudy Cassago (left)

Rudy – Would you recommend some names from the new generation that have the same approach as you and that you find interesting and worth keeping an eye on?
SYREETA – One in particular is a good friend of mine and her name is Kitty Amor. She is making great strides in the afro house scene and plays often for Defected. She is just amazing. She has launched her new label called Mahaba and is someone I fully support.

That’s good to hear, because we love Afro House.
Matteo – He.She.They has a very interesting summer season in Ibiza, and we saw that you will be playing there a lot. Next steps with He.She.They? Would you like to indicate any goals or projects that you are personally focusing on?
SYREETA – I think for me it’s publishing more tracks on He.She.They, because it’s getting much bigger and evolving every single year, also to be seen more in the industry for the missions that it’s facing for the industry.

And you are also super active at conferences, for example at IMS, at ADE.
SYREETA – Of course, we want to inspire the younger generation, and they can have a place in this industry as well.

Rudy – We have found your approach to crowd very varied, your sets and music are different every time. How much of AlphaTheta’s new euphonia rotary mixer and hardware in general are and can be an evolution to express yourself?
SYREETAYes, it’s really nice to be able to play differently with a different kind of mixer. With this mixer I can play pretty fast and mix pretty quickly. I feel more reflective. I take my time. I caress my mixes rather than just making them. I take my time and it’s like a whole new experience and I really enjoyed being able to hone that aspect and I still have a lot to learn about this machine. It’s only been out for a couple of months, so I’m having a lot of fun I think it will make the new generation more familiar with rotary.

AlphaTheta Euphonia
AlphaTheta Euphonia
Tonight we saw you performing with AlphaTheta’s new mixer, euphonia, is there any particular feature you’d like to mention? In particular, what is so different about this mixer from the rotaries you know?

SYREETA – It is difficult to pick just one feature of euphonia, but as soon as I tested it I was impressed by the richness and quality of sound it offers. This was also among my expectations given that the audio goes through a Rupert Neve transformer circuit, known for their exceptional transparency, warmth and for being among the most highly regarded in the audio industry for their ability to improve sound depth and definition. I am also a big fan of the “feeling” of the knobs-their robustness and tactile response in fact make mixing a much more controlled and satisfying experience. Also the visual aspects of the VU meter and the output levels you get from each of the channels are outstanding. This screen not only improves monitoring accuracy, but also adds a fascinating visual element that enriches the overall DJ experience.

Rudy – What would be your dream collaboration with an Italian artist?
SYREETA – It’s not easy, there are so many! I would say. Joseph Capriati!

Thanks to AlphaTheta team for the invite and to Syreeta team for the availability!


SYREETA’s sets, drawing on chunky basslines and melodic grooves from a palette of house and techno, have delighted dance floors around the world, alongside mixes and streams for BBC Radio 1, XTRA, HOR, Mixmag, Rinse, DJ Mag and Beatport.
SYREETA’s international presence has grown and grown, and that march continues in2024.
In addition to her current HE.SHE.THEY. residency and being Ushuaia ANTS 2023season, SYREETA is a regular spinner at iconic parties like Music On, Paradise, Elrow, CircoLoco and Spain’s epic Brunch series.

SYREETA is as comfortable playing underground clubs like fabric (UK), Watergate (Ger), Thuishaven (NDL), Hafen 49 (Ger), Input (Spa) and Public Works (USA) as she is insuperclubs such as London’s Drumsheds, Tobacco Dock and Printworks in London, orIbiza’s Amnesia, Pacha, HI, and Ushuaia.No stranger to festivals either, SYREETA has racked up appearances all over the globe, such as Glastonbury (UK), CRSSD (USA), Kappa Futur (IT), Creamfields (UK), Arc (USA), Lost Village (UK), Loveland (NDL), Hideout (CRO), Parklife (UK), Piknik Electronique (Can), FSTVL(UK), Reading(UK) and Coachella (USA) where she made her USA debut!

SYREETA’s been sharing the booth with electronic music’s finest, including Carl Cox,Loco Dice, Honey Dijon, Marcel Dettman, FJAAK, Ben Klock, Fisher, MarcoCarola, Eric Prydz, Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Skepta, The Blessed Madonna, Mall Grab and Maya Jane Coles.

SYREETA is also rapidly becoming as known for her productions as she is a DJ with support from all that she has been playing with. Releasing club bangers on the legendary Nervous Records, Eats Everything’s Edible and HE.SHE.THEY. She has also remixed house heads Inner City and Shermanology as well as techno titans Dense &Pika.
2024 has also seen her own originals be remixed by Hammer and DJ Minx.

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