Interview with ALAN WALKER about new album and tour WALKERVERSE (pt.1)

We had a nice chat with UK/Norwegian dj & producer ALAN WALKER, celebrating his new album “Walkerverse” (pt.1) out now on MER Recordings / Sony Music Sweden with the collaborations of Philter, Au/Ra, Ina Wroldsen and Torine.

We gave a listen to your “Walkerverse“, how you feel about it? How many parts will the music project be divided in and what’s the story behind this album?
We’re building the next chapter of the “World of Walker” which is now going in to the “Walkerverse” considering the name, so we got a musical experience and we decided to split it in two parts: the part one will be coming out first and then the next part to follow up. I mean that by the fact that the music is orchestral, there are a lot of orchestral elements like I’ve done before with “World of Walker” album, and now again with new song “Adventure Time” for example. It’s just me wanting to explore and have fun with music, play with it and make something out of it whenever you can and I soared fans and follower to listen and I hope also new listeners enjoy it!

In this album you made a collaboration with the german singer AU/RA and you chose her as special guest of your tour. How was this relationship born?
Everything started when we did the song “Darkside” alongside with feat. Au/Ra and Tomine Harket. That was like in 2018, I’m not sure, but after we did “Darkside” than we had a nice strong and healthy relationship building, songs, creating, writing…this going back and forth on different collaborations: I’ve done remixes for her, she has done different features songs alongside with me and we’ve been writing different songs together. It’s been really remarkable to work alongside with her and now like doing the tour together for the “Walkerverse” tour going be very cool!

Regarding the pandemic, how did it influenced your work, your touring and your live sets but specifically the collaboration with your friends, with other artists and the birth of the project you dropped during the pandemic?
During the pandemic everything, of course, came to a stop and we needed to figure out how to work with each other since we were so far apart so we had sessions, song writing sessions and production sessions just online on Zoom and it was our primary solution on how to work on music during the pandemic when we couldn’t meet up physically and just write songs together. So that was the main key of solutions in order to produce and also create throughout the pandemic and so we can also release music as efficiently for example 2020 was a very quite year for me musically but I saw it as an opportunity: just sit back and write as much music as possible, release a lot of music at the beginning of 2021 and then the trend is still going on 2022.

Alan Walker - Walkerverse 2022 Tour
ALAN WALKER – Walkerverse The Tour (pt.1)

Are you planning something special for your crowd during your live performances?
For the “Walkerverse” tour we have a lot of exciting things coming up and we’re still working on the planning, for example different acts and I will bring guests like from cities and countries where we’re going. There are bunch of opportunities and we’re still on the planning phase but I think it’s gonna be really fun!

Since you collaborated with Hans Zimmer you probably have a soft spot for movie and videogames soundtracks. Do you have a favorite one, what is it?
My personal favorite song is “Time” by Hans Zimmer, I think that song changed all. He just did the music for for the new “Top Gun” movie and it’s really really good.

Would you like to produce soundtracks for any videogame in the future?
If I had the opportunity, I would for sure love to do it. I’ve also worked for example for PUBG Mobile, producing “Live Fast” with A$AP Rocky.

We’d like to know what inspires you the most when you are in the studio, in front of an empty project?
To me it’s just like sit down and just play around with the piano and write something that feels right. I just sit down, mess around with few keys, play some chords and if I think it sounds nice play the melody and If I think it sounds like a cool melody I record it in the software and then mess around with the melody and later on the project and see what came up then.

Regarding new sounds, orchestral, arch and other kinds of instruments, based on your passion for Hans Zimmer and your collaboration with him, would you like to use some live orchestra in Alan Walker future projects?
It’s an idea that crossed my mind but I still wonder how to do it. It could be awesome to do something like that and I’ve been to a two or three of Hans Zimmer’s concerts and it’s amazing how everything sound so different when it’s just pure melodies, instruments and nothing is prerecorded.

Why the mask? We saw that you actually took some pictures without it but, for example right now, you wear it. Is part of Alan Walker character or are there other explanations about your style?
I’ve been wearing the mask since the very beginning, it wasn’t necessary to hide myself more just to create a form of expression of unity: anyone could be in my shoes and literally doing what I’m doing right now. I want to showcase for upcoming music producers and djs that anyone can do this. It just a matter of making the right choices, building up your fanbase. For me wearing the mask and the hoodie has always been like a form of identity for me and also been important in terms of living private life but for me it’s an important showcase for unity.

So you’re trying to tell to the upcoming artists that it doesn’t matter who is the man or the character behind the music because whoever can be an artist, regardless of the look.
Like my friend K-391 for example: he’s doing his music completely anonymous and he doesn’t want to be exposed to any social media. I think it’s very cool… he also do concerts and anything is possible because you don’t need to be a public figure in order to work in the music industry.

You’re coming to Italy on October 15th in Milan at Alcatraz, and we’re very excited to have you here again.
I’m really excited to be back to Italy, in Milan. I played there few times already and I think it will be amazing like the previous times!

How is your relationship with your Italian fans?
I think it’s very great, I see many Italian Walkers for example on my Discord and on the Walkers website. It’s so joyful to see people from all parts of the world come together. I really hope that I can meet some Walkers in Italy when I’m coming back, it’s been long overdue!

What is your relationship with our country, do you like it?
I really like it! The last time I was in Italy I went to the Ferrari factory because I was invited by a friend of mine. It has been a really really cool experience! I haven’t had the opportunity to come for vocation but I know my girlfriend really wants us to go to Italy for a vacation.

Thank you Alan Walker and Solo LDN for the opportunity!