Candy VISION ospita il danese ANDERS CRAWN, talento scenografico “little Will Sparks” [+ Intervista]


VISION diventa #Candy ed ospita il danese ANDERS CRAWNL’Andy Live Music, nella notte del 20 Febbraio.
Anders Crawn è un giovane talento che per il suo stile musicale e lo scenografico appeal durante il set si potrebbe definire un “little Will Sparks”.

VISION si dimostra sempre più in evoluzione anche per quanto riguarda l’animazione ed i gadgets presenti durante l’evento.

Special Guest: ANDERS CRAWN (Straight from PANDA FUNK)


VISION Candy – Special Guest: ANDERS CRAWN [20.02.2016]

VISION Candy – Special Guest: Anders Crawn [20.02.2016 @L' Andy Live Music – Castiglione Olona (VA)]Articolo + Intervista ->

Pubblicato da YouBeat su Domenica 21 febbraio 2016

Pubblicato da YouBeat su Domenica 21 febbraio 2016


When did you start djing and producing and who are your idols?
I started producing at 10 years old while I started djing 3/4 years ago.
My idols are definitely the amazing Deorro and my danish friend Toby Green.

How do you consider Denmark compared with other countries in the international music scene?
Sincerely Denmark is so poor and rearmost.
Music movements are more pop-oriented and unfortunately there aren’t many talented producers.

– After your single “Violence” with Dirty Palm on Panda Funk, you changed your style becoming “Crawn” and releasing “The Boy Is Mine” on Disco: wax.
Why this radical change? Is it a new side project or your new main one?

I recently started my second project “Crawn” which is a deep/chill experiment I want carry forward.
Even if I want carry on both projects my priority is “Anders Crawn“!

– Who are going to be the “artists of 2016” in your opinion?
I think JAUZ would become even more famous and he could start doing more radio-oriented music.
I also hope for my danish friend Toby Green, increasingly supported by international artists thanks to his wonderful releases.

– Who are your italian favorite artists?
Let me think.. I like VINAI and also my friend MORGANJ, so talented guy!







Photo Credits: Mattia Martegani


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